The Application Process

Applying to Leadership SLO is a process that requires your time and thought, and, if you are employed, your employer’s agreement. Please be assured that if you are accepted to Leadership SLO, we will do everything possible to make sure that tuition payments are not an obstacle. No one in the interview is aware of scholarship requests.

1. The Application

Sorry to say we’ve had too many troubles with writable PDFs so we’re going old-school. Please just download the Word docs to fill out your application. You may need to “enable editing” after downloading.

APPLICATION – Leadership SLO Class 28

Sample Letter of Recommendation

THE FINE PRINT – Leadership SLO 28

2.  The Interview

Following acceptance of your complete application package and most likely after October 3rd, you will be asked to sign up for your group interview with a group of Leadership SLO alums.

3. Submitting your Application

To submit your application please send the following as attached PDFs to

PDF is the only format accepted.

Applications consist of 3 separate documents:

a. The Application

Please save your PDF FirstNameLastName2019APP

b. The Acceptance & Attendance Agreement, Tuition Agreement, Tuition Worksheet, race and ethnicity form (the race and ethnicity form is optional)

Please save your PDF FirstNameLastName2019SUPP (for Supplemental)

c. Letters of Recommendation may be scanned and submitted as your third document.

Please save your PDF FirstNameLastName2019LOR (for Letters of Recommendation)

Alternately, letters of recommendation may be mailed directly to:

Sandi Sigurdson / Leadership SLO

895 Monterey St. SLO, CA 93401

Only 2 letters of recommendation are accepted. In the event that more are submitted, the executive director will choose the 2 presented to the interview committee.

Late applications will not be accepted

And despite how harsh those instructions sound, you can call Sandi with any difficulties: (805) 786-2765

Dates & Deadlines

Timeline for 2019 Class XXVIII

October 2 Deadline for Applications
November 5 to 9 Group Interviews Scheduled
Late November
Notification for Class 28-2019
December 4 Tuition Due


Retreat 2019 Dates

January 10
3 P.M. Arrival at Wonder Valley in the Sierra foothills
January 11 Retreat continues
January 12 Noon departure Wonder Valley


Day Sessions

February 8 * March 8 * April 12

May 10 * June 14 * July 12

August 9 * September 13 * October 11

Each day session is a full day commitment: 7:30 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.

Ag & Manufacturing Day “Tour Day” begins at 6:45 p.m.

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