Hello! We’re very excited to see that you’re thinking of applying to Leadership SLO.

For nearly 30 years we’ve heard from class members and graduates that their experience was eye-opening….exciting…thought-provoking…even disturbing…and always successful in revealing unique challenges facing unique populations in San Luis Obispo County. If, after reading these pages, you have questions about curriculum, time commitment or fees and scholarships, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (805) 786-2765.  I look forward to seeing your application!

Dan Rivoire

Executive Director


Here’s some feedback from alums regarding their Leadership SLO experience.

We asked: Can you describe the effect the program had on your life? and Is there one experience from your Leadership SLO year that really stands out?

Trevor Moriarty, Class # 19

Effect on life: I attended Leadership SLO on a scholarship soon after starting my own business. The class was invaluable in introducing me to many great people and programs in our community. It broadened my horizons significantly and was helpful in both my personal and professional life.

Ashley Lopez Villarreal, Class # 20

One experience: I enjoyed learning from a variety of people with various backgrounds. From the people I met, I observed strong/alpha leaders and, in comparison, realized that I am more of a quiet/lead by example type. I realized that leaders can come in all forms.

Christine Dietrick, Class # 15

One experience: Month after month I was constantly amazed by the passion and talent we have in our county. My world is so focused on government and government partners, it was amazing to be inspired by what else was out there. 

Susan Hughes, Class # 5

Effect on life: I was a scholarship recipient and have always been grateful that I was able to participate in Leadership SLO. The overall experience was invaluable with respect to getting to know all about SLO County and also forging lasting friendships. I always found that having the Leadership SLO experience in common immediately “dropped barriers” with whomever I was working/networking

Garret Olson, Class # 23

One experience: Standing in the avocado groves as they were being cut back due to drought had a lasting impact on me. I not only have a better understanding of some of the impacts of the drought, but I have a better appreciation for the men and women who grow our food and the vulnerability they endure.

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