“Leadership SLO gave me a sense of belonging and ownership of my community that did not exist prior to my participation in the program. The program offered a safe environment for discussion and experimentation that otherwise would not be available in my day to day life.”

– Kacy Vradenburg, Class 21

“This program will change your life while establishing a dynamic friendship with everyone in your class. An excellent opportunity to reach outside of your comfort zone, learn new things, and tie you to multiple sectors in the community.”

-Steve Kragenbrink, Class 21

“Connections & perspective lead to better understanding about how we can do more in our community and Leadership SLO helps put those pieces together.”

– Aimee Wyatt, Class 21

“Everyone should try and do the program whether they see themselves as leaders or not. The perspective and experience is invaluable and you never know where inspiration may strike. I was surprised to hear how many of our prominent community leaders just fell into their roles out of humbly answering a need or following a passion. Today’s unassuming citizen could be tomorrow’s Mayor, Police Chief, or philanthropic CEO and Leadership could be that first spark of inspiration for them.”

– Alec Ramsey, Class 20

“Come with your “A Game” every month. The class is so slam-packed with amazing and interactive material that you do not want to be a passive student. The class has so much to offer and if you are willing to meet the curriculum half-way, you will undoubtedly have a life changing year.”

– Erik Wright, Class 20

“It is an amazing experience. You will never look forward to 10 hours a month of community learning as much as this.”

-Lee Johnson, Class 20

“Leadership SLO was one of the best things I have done for myself as an adult. I will be a better citizen and partner in my community as a result of my experience instead of being just a tax payer.”

– Ann Dover, Class 19

“In the beginning, when the commitment sounds like it is overwhelming and your life is just too busy for anything else, do it anyway, just jump in and be open for anything. The year goes fast, the experience is unforgettable and life has a way of giving you the time.”

– Lisa Ramser, Class 19

“I had lived in San Luis Obispo County barely one year when I entered the program. By the time I completed the Leadership SLO program, it was clear that the program provided me with more knowledge about this community than I could realistically have accumulated on my own in a LIFETIME of living here. Plus, I met new people that became treasured and valued friends that I have to this day.”

– Christine Johnson, Class 19


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